Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving (a little after Thanksgiving)

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Can you say that? Oh well. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with our family in the East! It began with a nice morning run for me. It was very foggy, but fairly good weather. Then Nate and Clark geared up for the Annandale Turkey Bowl. I went to watch and was lucky enough to get some sweet photos!

When Clark would play QB, Nate would be his go to guy. Here he is receiving a shovel pass. They were quite the duo.

Clark is the one at QB. Wearing the black beanie. Nate is wearing red shorts (for Utah of course) and a black shirt. He is getting a good block!

Unfortunately, I missed Nate's reception that he ran in for a touchdown. I was at the store getting some last minute food for the BIG dinner!

So our dinner wasn't going to be huge, but with the combined efforts of Kara and I, and her mom's kitchen, we ate like Kings! She made a delicious turkey, sweet potato pie, rolls, and I made the green beans, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Isn't your mouth just watering now! It was so much fun. Kara documented the meal with pics, and I didn't get any. But you can imagine it right?

Visit from the Padres!

We had so much fun with Los Padres a couple of weeks ago! I don't have good picture documentary, but we were all over the place! We picked them up in Baltimore on Thanksgiving, then the next day we drove to Richmond, VA! Which I really loved. I think everyone else liked it too. The next day was Annapolis, MD. Then Monday D.C. Three state capitals in three days! Pretty good. Each one was so unique. Some quick highlights.

These two pictures are in the State House in Annapolis. One of the critical moments in U.S History happened here... Can anyone tell me? The man behind us gives the clue! George Washington resigned as General of the Continental Army here! He is the man because he gave up his power, he showed the country that there would be no absolute rule, no tyrant who is hungry for power! (He made that decision again after two terms as President) But that is another story. It was fun to walk around quaint little Annapolis with the Fam!
The picture at the top is us at the Capitol in D.C. In the old Senate Chamber. (Dani's favorite). Nate gave us all a fabulous tour. He was my favorite tour guide. That was one of his favorite things about his job this semester.
We loved being with almost the whole Davis family! We watched the Game, toured, played cards, talked, ate. You know all the good stuff!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night(Days) Before we leave, and throughout our little basement
Nate and Dani are both stirring to pack up their things
Their stockings are hung and they look really cute (thank you)
However St. Nicholas won't be find them there.
Dani's almost done watching her children, Boramy, Thalia and little Joseph too.
Nate cannot rest till he has inputed all of the faxes and letters. We hope he will wait till after the drive for that long winter's nap.
They have lived in the city that is all filled with clatter. It has been great getting involved in all of the politics matter.
They have met great new friends and have loved to be with their favorite clan up in Maryland!
In boxes, and suitcases, baskets, and bags. To the Corolla you go on their way to the West!
Their experience here has been great, something we will always cherish! Now dash away, cross your fingers the weather is good, dash away ALL!
Merry Christmas to ALL and see you SOON!!!