Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy BIRTHday!

Today little Thomas is already 3 1/2 weeks old. Here is a picture I took of him this morning. I think he was kind of smiling!
I said I would post more details (and pictures) from Thomas' birth so here goes. I will try to keep the story somewhat brief, but since it was about a 36 hour ordeal I suppose brevity is not on my side.
I will begin by stating that at my weekly doctor appointment on Sept 27 I was not dialating, not effacing, not even feeling any signs that a baby was on its way. We discussed options and even set my induction date for October 11, one week after my due date. I walked out of the appointment thinking I would for sure have our baby on that day.
I didn't feel like I was going to have a baby right away, but I did look like I was!
Flash forward with me now to the next day, Friday Sept 28. We had been to the farmers market at Sugarhouse park with Brad and Missy. We ate tamales for dinner, and sort of got on the Mexican food kick because we went to Rancho Markets to get some more mexican eats. (I only include this cause maybe it is what got Tommy going in there)
Around 11:00 we were watching a movie and I started to get up every 20 min to go to the bathroom. I couldn't believe all the pressure I was feeling. On the way home I started to get some "cramps" that I couldn't really explain to Nate. We went to bed, but I kept getting up and feeling the cramps. By early morning after thumbing through the "labor" booklet from the hospital I decided I was actually in early labor and having contractions! I wanted to wake Nate up, but knew he needed rest if we were going to have our baby that day!
When Nate did wake up on Sat morning (Sept 29) I told him I was in labor! He jumped out of bed and said, "Oh my, we have much to do, much to do!" After a day of getting the last minute things done, my contractions were increasing, but not enough to go into the hospital. We decided to go for a drive up Big Cottonwood, and a little hike, and then we would go to the hospital to have our baby.
Good plan right? Well to no avail. He was still not ready to come, but the contractions were not letting up.
After a late night trip to the hospital, we were sent home about 3 hours later with a shot of morphine for the pain and only dialated to a 1. Despite being totally drugged, I continued to feel my contractions and lost yet another night of sleep. Boy, to say my patience was wearing thin was an understatement. I tried to let Nate sleep though, knowing he would need his sleep if we were going to have our baby that day. I stayed up thinking about all of the ways I could try and get the baby out. 
On Sunday morning,Sept 30, around 8, I at my wits end, and Nate feeling so sympathetic got back in the car, with our packed bags, and headed to the hospital. We were praying I had progressed enough to stay and get the baby out!
Good news, after being checked I was at a 4! I could stay, get my epidural, relax, and have a baby. Thank goodness. After the epidural, little Tommy decided to pick things up and I began to dialate fast. Around 12 I told Nate to call the nurse in cause I wanted to start pushing. She came in and sure enough I was ready! Pushing was my favorite, I could totally feel it and it motivated my to work hard!
What a miracle when little Thomas came out. Nate and I just couldn't get over how cute he was, and that he was ours!

It was so great to have support and visitors! Thomas is lucky!

The time in the hospital was so great. Nate and I felt like we were on cloud 9. We spent the days just holding him, and looking at him. Nate became a master diaper changer and swaddler right from the get go. When it came time to leave the hospital we were both a little sad because it meant that it was all over his anticipated arrival had happened and he was already 2 days old!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thomas Nathan Lloyd

On September 30 we welcomed Thomas into our family! He is so sweet and we couldn't be more happy to have him. More details to come!