Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ending of an Era

Well as we drove out of Logan last month (I know I am wayyy behind) to walk in our respective graduations I thought how crazy it is that we are now officially alumni of Utah State. We have exited the "college" stage of our lives. Going to college was not only about the school and the degree, but really about life lessons and experiences.
We couldn't pass up the chance to go up to Logan and participate in the revelry that is Graduation. So we both be walked and took pictures, and reminisced about all of our favorite and memorable places.
We don't have one of those photo montages with music to display some of the memories from Logan, so bear with me as I post some of the pictures from the past 5 years.
 Getting Engaged March 1, 2009
 Nate's USU Track Days
 Nate's Graduation with his Bachelors 2010
 Student of the Year, Great Professors
So many runs on the Logan River Trail

 Homecoming Dance 2007(when our love began :)
 Howl Dance 2007

 Great Friends and Roommates

 Our little apartment at Twin Creek

The list can really go on and on, but that will do for now! Here's to new horizons!