Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lloyds are Alive (contrary to what our blog activity would say...)

So we have had some really good times lately, and we have taken some fun pics, so I want to post some.
 I ran the St.George Marathon in Oct. Loved all 26.2 of it! I had great support to cheer me on!

                                                                 Disneyland Bandits!

 We enjoyed a fun family trip to Newport back in August! Crazy to think of warm sunny beaches now!
I was impressed at Nate's surfing skills!
                                         Fun Weekend at the cabin with friends! It was beautiful!

                                          My friend Sara hosted a fabulous 1920's murder mystery dinner for
                                           our Halloween fun! Scoop and Socks here. Love the cigar.

                                            Chicago Style pizza, stuffed crust, 1 hour 45 min wait
                                                 Go Utes! We all made the fun weekend trip to Chicago/South Bend
                                                    to cheer on the Utes. It was a sad game but GREAT trip!
                                                  The mural behind us is called Touchdown Jesus... enough said.

                                         Nate turned 25 on Nov. 22! Yea. He is the best husband!
                                         Happy Birthday Huns!
Well I hope you enjoyed. Hope it wasn't too exhausting recapping some of the highlights of our last four months!

The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is a time for hope and joy.  We have great reason to rejoice in the many blessings we have been givin.  We also have the hope of the future and the hope in Christ.  It is because of him that we are here on earth experiencing life.  Sometimes our trials seem huge, but I have found that as I look around me I am deeply humbled by the quiet faith of others who have been asked to endure far more then I have to this point in my life.  They are seemingly ordinary people, who have extra-ordinary faith.  They truely emulate the light of Christ. I want to write briefly about two women I have met this semester that have helped me to brighten my outlook on life and count my blessings.
The first women is in my History class with me.  We ended up sitting by each other the first day because we are both lefties.  We took the two lefty desks in the front and started chatting.  It just kind of worked out that we always sat by each other from then on.  It has been great to get to know her, and I have learned a lot from our before and after class chats.  I never see her any other time, and I only have one class time left, and I might not see her again. She has taught me about the power of making the most of the little things in life.  I am not sure on her age, but she is a single mother (recently divorced).  She has a 20 yr old daughter, sons 16 and 14.  She loves her boys, and frequently tells me stories about them.  They live in a little apartment together.  Her daughter lives in Texas where she ran away with her boyfriend.  This is so hard on my friend.  She has a little grandson, but the boyfriend doesn't allow the daughter to see her family so my friend has only seen her grandson once.  She was just going to get an admissions packet to send to her daughter with her Christmas package to try to get her to come to school and improve her life. She works and goes to school, and then takes care of her boys.  At night she sometimes has time for homework. She is an example to me. I hope and pray that her family has a Merry Christmas!

The other woman I don't know as well, but her story has stayed with me.  Her husband left their family a year ago, and left her to tend and provide for six young kids.  She had been married young and had never finished school. She was able to recieve a scholarship from the CAPSA foundation(which is for abused women) and is now studying here at Utah State to be a nurse.  She took the time to ask me all about my education, my family, and where I was from one night as we volunteered at the Hope Festival.  I was instantly impressed with her geniuine interest in my life.  She emulated the light of Christ.  That was about two months ago and I just saw her on campus! It was great to chat for just a minute. Her kids are all sick this week, just as she is getting ready to take finals.  Again I felt that pang in my heart as she smiled and said that everything would work out. I hope and pray that she and her family will have a Merry Christmas!

I know there are so many out there who are asked to endure hard trials, and sometimes it is unbearable, but it seems that you are the strong ones.  Thank you for being who you are, and being such examples to me! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So last Saturday the Mexis (or whatever we call ourselves) were reunited after 2 years of being apart!!! We all became friends at USU our Freshman year, where we spent almost all of our time together! We had sleepovers, long talks, hikes, meeting boys, you know everything freshmen girls love to do.  We are all studying/ have studied different things, and we all have so many different interests! Yet, these girls are FUN!!! When we get together it is non-stop energy and laughing. After Freshmen year we stayed friends some of us were roommates, but we started to go different ways. Soon enough some of us were getting engaged, and three went on missions.  Our lives are about as different as we are, but the good times are still there!
This was all of us together at Christmas in 07
2008 was the year of the missions,study abroads.
2009 was the year Brittles and I got married
2010 Erika, Ali, and Bree came home from missions, Brit Watts got her mission call to Ukraine (she leaves in two weeks), and Jen got married!
So last week we dragged the husbands and significant others (they are good sports) to our reunion, and it was such a great night!
September 2010!
And yes... we still do these pyramid things

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Into the woods I go

There is nothing like a good trail run. The cool breeze rushes by as arms brush up against tree branches.  The birds are chirping creating natures music, and the sound of water rustling down its way is never too far off.  The little ups and downs always make you feel less human and more like some animal bounding through a winding way. Sometimes it is so still that your mind is clear and you are aware of your surroundings. Sometimes your mind is full of thoughts that take you away and back to memories and experiences.

"Running like a wild man or woman through the woods nurtures the soul.
Trail running satisfies a primal need for movement through nature, presumably left over from our days as hunters. When things spin out of control in an age of iPads and Droids, running in the woods is one thing we can count on to be pretty much the same as it’s always been."

This great quote comes from and article by Matt Frazier I read on so I found it doing research on Zen for my east asian class).
Not only does it fill this Primal need, but I helps us runners to feel more hard core! I mean it is quite the compliment to be running one a trail and have someone you don't know tell you that you are hard core! Well, I don't mean to sound speddy, but mostly I just wanted to write about something I love to do! I am grateful I have been given a body that allows me to run because it is great!

Caveat: Probably only runners will understand this post, I apologize for the target audience selection!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Favorite time of the Year!

Nate and I have been saying lately how this is just the best time of the year. The days are long, the weather is nice, the earth is green and beautiful, you can get out and play outdoors, bbq's, and the list goes on. We are lucky to live here in Utah where we have such beautiful springs and summers! Even if they are kind of rainy! We have been having a blast living here in Logan, and trying to pack our summer with adventures!
Almost every weekend so far has been filled with adventure. The last week of May we got to go down to Salt Lake for a family trip of sorts when Clark, Kara, and Gracie came into town! It was fun to relax, and play with them. It was the first time since last year at our wedding my whole family was together! We love to be together and have fun!
The next weekend I got a Friday off, so we decided to take off to St. George, you know before it got too hot down there! Ashley and Josh came with us, and it was just a great time.  Nate and I love to go down and play sports and enjoy the good weather, so with the perfect 85 degree temps we packed it in with tennis, basketball, swimming, reading, temple, eating good food! Josh and Nate even taught Ashley and I how to golf! After a couple of lost balls in the lake and rocks, we were able to get our balls onto the green and eventually into the hole! It was fun to learn! FUN times in the Gorge.

Happy Anniversary... to US!!!

May 20, 2009... does any one remember it? We do! It was when we got married! We can't believe that it has already been over a year. We have had such a great first year being newlyweds. It is so fun to be with your best friend always.  I feel so lucky to have such a great husband. Nate is exemplary in so many ways.  He has really made me feel special and loved this last year. We have really had to rely on each other for help, love, and support. It is a great blessing to be married.
Everyone knows that Nate and I love a good adventure, so partly for our anniversary and Nate's graduation we took off to Jackson for the weekend. We played platform tennis (good for a laugh), walked around the shops, ate yummy food, hiked in the beautiful Tetons, and played games. It was a great trip!

We Look Forward to many Anniversarys in the Future!


Nate is officially a Utah State Alumni. He graduated at the top of the entire graduating class on May 8, 2010!He recieved his degree in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Spanish. He   It was exciting for us, and we got to celebrate his achievements! He has loved his time here at Utah State, and had really learned a lot. Nate's learning is not over, he will continue to study and learn his whole life.  His passion for learning is what drives him! He is a great example to me and I love him! Congratulations NATE!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emotional Little Dani

I guess I realized this last weekend that some things just don't really change.  When I was five my dad decided to take me up and teach me how to ski.  We rode up the Majestic lift there at Brighton and we took a couple runs going down with me skiing between his legs while he skiied backwards to help me.  While he was right there with me I felt like I could do it and I wouldn't go out of control.  After some times of doing this he told me that he was going to ski down a little bit, and then wait for me to come.  He said he would watch me the whole time and wouldn't go off without me.  Well it came time for me to try this on my own, and me being the emotional little five or six year old that I was (remember I said some things don't change) had a fit and dropped in the snow crying that I could never possibly ski down that hill, and that him leaving me there must be some form of child abuse! My dad must have been mortified listening to his crazy daughter throwing a fit while other skiiers passed by me.  Of course he was just trying to challenge me a little but because he knew I could do it.  I was just too silly to recognize the loving act he was showing me by taking me up to learn how to ski.
Unfortunately, there have been reruns of this episode all throughout growing up, when my dad has tried to teach me or challenge me with something he knew I could do. I can think of hikes that we have done, or in races he would cheer for me in high school where I have said some comment or thrown some sort of tantrum when things are hard. 
This last weekend I ran the Salt Lake Marathon.  I had trained really well, and without putting too much pressure on myself, wanted to get a PR, or at least a better time than my last marathon.  The first 18 miles I was on target to make this goal, but it was starting to get hard.  I had seen mom, Nate, grams and gramps, and they had all cheered me up, but I was starting to get tired.  Luckily, as I rounded the corner at 45th south and 500 east I saw dad there on his bike. I knew he was going to ride back and find me along the course and I was relieved to see him.  I thought he would just ride along side me for a little bit, but as his companionship seemed to help me I hoped he could stay the rest of the race.  I couldn't speak much to him, but it was good to listen.  I was tired and starting to slow down in my pace so I started to get a little testy inside.  After I passed mile 20 I started to feel this painful pulsing in my quad.  I told dad that I thought maybe it was a cramp. He told me to stop and he would rub it a little for me.  Well needless to say he then became my little first aid stopping every mile or two till the finish to encourage me, rub my quad, and help me keep going.  At one point he was telling me my pace from his GPS on his bike, and I knew I was going much slower.  I sort of snapped at him that I didn't care what my pace was and he didn't need to tell me.  Just like that little girl on the ski slope, I didn't realize that he was just trying to encourage me to do something I didn't think I could.  
I am grateful for such a loving supportive dad who helps me and cares even when I am still just his emotional little Dani. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Happy Spring! This is the best time of the year why?...
  • TULIPS i just love to see all of the beautiful tulips coming out!
  • Good Weather! Pull out the chacos and shorts, and no more snow! well at least for a couple of days.
  • Running. Marathons, track meets.
  • Birthdays! Ok so I know Nate's isn't in spring, but just about everyone else's is!
  • Spring Break! Yea we went to St. George it was so fun.
    Nate got student of the year for Political Science! Way to go!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I spent about a month teaching the Skyview Lacrosse Boys yoga. It was so much fun, and these pictures tell it all. They wanted to do something to set them apart, and help with their focus and mental game. I recently started doing yoga, after resisting for a long time, and it is fabulous. My achy hips, and tight hamstrings have recieved their relief! If you are considering trying Yoga, you should, if anything to mix up your exercise scheme. It is great to supplement biking, running, swimming, anything really. Hear are some tips, I would give, and I know I am not the expert, but here goes...

Your going to like it! Naturally, some poses will be uncomfortable, but overall you will feel refreshed and energized!
Optimism! This is key to anything, and you can practice being optimistic and confident in Yoga!
Good for the body and the soul. I have notcied my posture more, and have tried to correct it to bring more energy through my body.  In yoga they focus on letting things out of your mind, and focusing on one intention, great stress relief!
Agility. Flexibility is always something to improve!

It was fun to teach, and now I need to keep my yoga going.  I was impressed with how much the guys took on to yoga!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Serving Country

Dani and I are safely back to Utah after a fun but challenging couple of months.  DC was an awesome experience, as you can see from the posts about our travels.  We'll miss the great people we came to know and love through work and living there.  As my mind turns back to the experience in review of what I learned, one interesting point was that of service to country.

I had the privilege to join a few others and meet with Senator Bennett, Congressman Matheson, and Congressman Bishop on choice occasions.  Each provided an opportunity to ask any question or questions we wanted.  I of course seized the opportunity and asked multiple questions in each visit.  Being the political nerd I am, it was awesome to learn insights they had on certain topics and issues.  One question I also posed to all three was, "How can I best serve my country?"  We all love our great country, the choiced land where brave men and women have fought to bring us independence from tyranny and freedoms from government encroachment.  Feelings swell in us to do something great for our country, but what?

I found their answers interesting.  Matheson answered with two main points: Military service and volunteer work.  Bishop talked about helping fellow-Americans, serving others, and military service.  Bennett responded by talking about our interests and talents.  He spoke of his wife's career in music as a flute teacher.  "She has maybe helped more people through teaching her hundreds of students music and discipline, than I have been able to help" said Bennett.  He talked about doing what we are good at, and seeking excellence.  Teachers, parents, lawyers, doctors, businessmen all have the potential to serve America by serving and helping her citizens.

I enjoyed this range of answers.  Maybe it'll provide some food for thought as we go on in life, pursuing our American dream.  Let's ask ourselves "What can we do for our country?"