Monday, February 25, 2013

St. George

Over MLK we flew south to escape the awful January weather. Let me tell you, it was a fabulous decision. As we drove south on I-15 we watched mountains and sky come in to view that we hadn't seen for weeks! St. George was lovely to say the least. We had 50 degree weather and sunny skies. Not to mention it was Thomas' first trip so we were going crazy over every new thing he did. It is so funny when you have your first baby cause everything is so exciting. We would say, "Oh T this is your first time sleeping in your pack n play in the condo!" Lots of first times. Great fun!

First Time:
Playing Tennis

Playing in the Sand

We took off T's socks and let him feel the sand
after that he tried to keep his feet in the air so they wouldn't touch the sand


 This was the smallest size of swim diaper, and we have a big baby!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Major Update

I am pretty pathetic at keeping our blog up to date. I thought I would be better once Thomas came along, but alas. My last post was at Halloween, only one month old!

Well he has sure changed! He is the most fun little baby we could ever wish for! He is mellow, he's got silly hair, he's full of smiles and giggles, and is quite big!

Some of his favorite things to do include:
  • Sucking on anything he can get his hands on, including his own fingers and thumb. YUM!
  • Playing in his "gym" he gets pumped! I sometimes think it looks like he is doing the river dance he gets those legs moving so fast!
  • Playing airplane with mom or dad
  • Nibbling at mom and dad's food, and sucking out of mom's water bottle
  • Being outside and going on walks
So now for some of the good stuff! PHOTOS!

We blessed Thomas on December 2nd. It was such a memorable day!

These pictures are from the Lloyd family nativity. T was baby Jesus. Gotta love the Ninjago Joseph.

Thomas likes the bath too. He sort of just lounges.

 We call this the milk coma. Did I mention Thomas likes to eat?

 Playing with "loopy" one of his favorite toys

 Airplane with dad

T with cousins Annie and Tobin. Annie is getting ready to go for the kill. She kept sucking on Thomas' hand. He didn't even mind it!
Life with Thomas is so much fun! We have loved it so far. More updates to come shortly!