Friday, January 8, 2010

Serving Country

Dani and I are safely back to Utah after a fun but challenging couple of months.  DC was an awesome experience, as you can see from the posts about our travels.  We'll miss the great people we came to know and love through work and living there.  As my mind turns back to the experience in review of what I learned, one interesting point was that of service to country.

I had the privilege to join a few others and meet with Senator Bennett, Congressman Matheson, and Congressman Bishop on choice occasions.  Each provided an opportunity to ask any question or questions we wanted.  I of course seized the opportunity and asked multiple questions in each visit.  Being the political nerd I am, it was awesome to learn insights they had on certain topics and issues.  One question I also posed to all three was, "How can I best serve my country?"  We all love our great country, the choiced land where brave men and women have fought to bring us independence from tyranny and freedoms from government encroachment.  Feelings swell in us to do something great for our country, but what?

I found their answers interesting.  Matheson answered with two main points: Military service and volunteer work.  Bishop talked about helping fellow-Americans, serving others, and military service.  Bennett responded by talking about our interests and talents.  He spoke of his wife's career in music as a flute teacher.  "She has maybe helped more people through teaching her hundreds of students music and discipline, than I have been able to help" said Bennett.  He talked about doing what we are good at, and seeking excellence.  Teachers, parents, lawyers, doctors, businessmen all have the potential to serve America by serving and helping her citizens.

I enjoyed this range of answers.  Maybe it'll provide some food for thought as we go on in life, pursuing our American dream.  Let's ask ourselves "What can we do for our country?"