Thursday, November 10, 2011

No we have not died

Wow my blogging habits have become about as bad as my journaling habits.  I always tell Nate I am so glad he is so good at recording what happens in our lives in his journal cause I struggle. 
So what are we up to? 
Well while I spend my days enlightening the minds of tomorrow, Nate works as part of the "corporate America" part of the "evil" banking sector. (At least that is what those Occupiers are saying) 
Yep, it is just as I have said... kind of

I am nobly performing my civic duty as a high school U.S. history student teacher at Syracuse High School.  Or maybe it is more like I am serving my due time of 14 weeks counting down to graduation?
I guess it has been a bit of both for me. Teaching, I have discovered, is a lot like life.  You need to be happy, you need to work hard, you need to have fun, you need to have ENERGY! It is hard, it is rewarding, it is silly, it is draining, it is nerve-racking, it is good. 
I mean, Isn't everyone fascinated studying leadership, tactics, advantages in the Civil War? Aren't people interested at looking at the inter-workings of the government?  Isn't the industrial revolution critical to our understanding of the divisions between North and South?
Answer Dani: YES!!!
Answer students: WHAT!?!

Let's just say that I have empathized with almost every part of this SNL clip where Jerry Seinfeld is teaching a history class.  Click here to watch (it is a great watch) 

Now, with only 3 1/2 weeks left I am somewhat reflective on my experience.  There have been more good days then bad, I have had some really good lessons, and I have gained valuable experience that really culminates my college career.  

Nate is doing just great at his new job with Zions.  He is enjoying working downtown, and liking the full-time work schedule.  Most of all he looks back to last year in his masters and he is grateful to be done with that crazy program. He is also going to start coaching two basketball teams, and playing in a league with friends. 
We have loved being in Salt Lake for the fall, football, family!

We are happy and well, and looking forward to the holidays and festivizing!!!