Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break to Middle America

Even though Nate and I are not students anymore we figured we needed a Spring Break! So we asked Ali and Pete if we could come out to stay with them in Omaha! They were totally surprised that we really wanted to drive all the way to Omaha for a long weekend, and didn't believe us till the week of the trip!

Downtown Omaha is so much fun! These slides are one of the highlights.
Our original plan was to go to a session of the NCAA tourney in Omaha on Friday. We decided to buy scalpers, and found some for a great deal while we were downtown.
The first game we saw was Florida vs. Virginia which ended up being a blowout! The next game (which we thought would be a blowout) was Missouri vs. Norfolk St. It was one of the best upsets of the tourney, and Nate and I were so glad we decided to go!

The Theurers were excellent hosts and really catered to us! They made great BBQs!

In planning with Al and Pete we decided to take advantage of being in the Midwest to see some of the church history sites so we rented a van and drove through Missouri and Kansas on Saturday!
Adam-Ondi-Ahman was one of our favorite sites. It is so beautiful there. In the car we read about the significance of this place and the history of the people who have set foot here. Nate said it was the best because of its "historical significance, present importance, and future promise" or something profound like that...
Next, was on to Liberty Jail. There is a museum built around the jail, and they now have it cut out so you can see inside. We had a great time learning about that trial, and the trials of the saints in Missouri.
The new Kansas City Temple is going to be dedicated in April.
The dedicated temple site at Independence, MO. Missouri is such a beautiful place, and I can imagine it is even prettier in the summer when everything is green. Owen and Anders were such troopers all day going to all of the church sites. It was so fun to play with them!
At the end of the day we stopped at this cool shopping center called Legends in Kansas City for dinner. Owen and Anders were pumped about the dinosaur place!
Nate was pumped about the middle distance running legend statues.
Even though we had been there before we had to go to the Mormon Trail Center in Omaha. Ali served her mission in Omaha and spent a lot of her time at the trail center, so it is always fun to go. It is amazing to hear stories about the pioneers and their journeys to Salt Lake. Owen and Anders have been there so many times they new exactly what were the fun things to show us!
What a fun trip it was! Nate and I were so glad to take a "spring break" and were glad to spend time with Theurers before they move to Dallas in May.