Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Buzz

I am now 31 weeks into my pregnancy and full of excitement and nervousness all at once! It has been a pretty good road up to this point. My protruding belly makes life more interesting. I love to hear all of the theories, opinions, advice people tell me. Really, it is great! I have tried to remember a lot of them:
  • Boys always love their mommas more
  • You get a lot bigger when you are having a boy
  • "Oh, you must be having a boy because you are smaller"
  • Boy babies are more cuddly 
  • Boys are more active they are always into EVERYTHING
  • You have that pregnant glow about you (I was thinking it must be the thin layer of sweat)
  • "I didn't even know you were pregnant" (at 30 weeks) I guess that person was never looking at me before
  • "Wow, you aren't due till October, you have a long way to go" (at 29 weeks)
  • "You are big and not very far along (about 24 weeks) have you been eating too many sweets?"
  •  "Why can't you have a girl baby in your tummy?"said Elsie and Addie, multiple times
  • "Your baby has a beautiful heartbeat" says my doctor at every appointment, how reassuring
I have been very lucky so far to enjoy good health and energy. I am so glad I took up swimming about a year ago because I have been able to go a lot the last 7 months. Being in the water helps keep me cool and I don't even feel big, plus it may help "Joey" be more buoyant. As far as eating I have a big appetite in the morning and can usually eat three breakfasts, but by night it is hard to think about eating dinner food. I feel like I am on a breakfast kick all day!
Our cereal consumption (which was high before) has definitely increased.
Our little guys moves around all the time, I started feeling him about week 22, but  I still laugh when I feel him going crazy in there. Nate has been able to see and feel him move from the surface lately which has been great.

It is fun to get things ready. I am working on a quilt, my first one ever. Our siblings have given us so many clothes and other things it is starting to feel like reality.

Nate came home from work yesterday and went into joey's room/office to put some stuff down. As he did he said, "His crib is in here, but he is not! I can't wait for him to be in here! I will throw him up in the air, but not too high because I don't want to scare him."

Nate and I are excited for this adventure ahead. What a grand responsibility we have on our shoulders, but it will be really good for us and our little boy.
Double Baby Bumps
Dani: about 22 weeks
Aubrey: about 28 weeks
Also matching shirts :)

 Baby Bump at 24 weeks
Baby Bump at 27 weeks


  1. hahah I can't wait to meet little "joey"! Is this is official name or is this still his in the womb name???
    I wish we could be little pregger friends together! Aren't you loving all these fun comments we are getting? Mine are just starting to come out and I am sure they will get more and more interesting. It is for sure a little unnerving to have our bodies changing so drastically but the bigger I get the more excited I get to meet this boy!
    Love you and your cute pregnant bump!